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OC Pageant 2018: Round One - Seito Akai
Created for TheOC-pageantOfDA

The theme: "Winter Feelings"

Though he found it difficult to pull himself out of his latest project, Seito finally departed for the world where the Pageant was taking place. Though his well-insulated body has little need for protection from cold climates, he had just finished patching up his wounds from a fight with some bothersome tomb raiders, so he figured that something that covered him up would be the most tasteful, as to not show off a bunch of scars that hadn't yet healed completely. Since the theme revolved around winter clothing that had colors to express his feelings about the Pageant and winter in general, he set his fabric synthesizers to work and came up with something that was both warm and comfortable and looked attractive, while at the same time retaining just a little of his personal sense of style.

One trip through a trans-dimensional portal later and he had arrived on the grounds of the manor where the Pageant was taking place. And it was indeed a winter wonderland, with a snow-covered landscape spread out around him and fresh snow falling from the sky. Taking a while to wander through the trees before meeting up with the rest of the contestants, he enjoyed the strange silence that comes with a fresh snowfall, the only sounds coming from his boots crunching through the snow and his steady breathing.

For the symbolism of his choice in colors:

White and beige: His thick, thermal jacket, slacks, and winter boots are colored to represent the snow and cold of the season and the way that it coats the landscape in silent sleep.

Blue-Gray: The bluish-gray of the jacket's thermal inner lining reflects the gray sky that is so prevalent during this season.

Deep blue: Under his jacket he wears a wool sweater colored a deep blue, representing the sky on a clear night and the deeper mysteries of the universe that he often contemplates on such a cold and timeless season, and also representing the depth of his own years and all of his collective experiences.

Red: His wool scarf is dyed a bright red, representing the undercurrent of life that sleeps beneath the snow. Though it is cold and still now, new life will rise up when the snow thaws, and so that red represents hope for new beginnings, new opportunities, friendships and experiences.

Gold: Gold stars decorate his sweater, representing the stars of the night sky, and they also provide a pattern for his scarf, making a nice contrast with the red. Gold is a color of alchemical purity and it is also a color representing rarity and wealth. His blood is also gold, so it symbolizes to him that which is very precious to him, and is also a symbol of his striving for inner perfection.
Welcome to the Catacombs....
You've made your point, but at worst you have inconvenienced me a little and I have taken some of your men. But you have not deterred me in the slightest. What is here is not yours. Leave now while I'm still feeling generous, or I guarantee that you will not escape alive.

Having some fun with the submission I recently posted. The addition of blood and ichor does tell a different sort of story.
OC Pageant 2018 Audition - Seito Akai
My entry for TheOC-pageantOfDA

Yes, it's Dr. Akai again. Originally ran in the 2016 pageant but he dropped out halfway through because he was distracted by stuff in space. But he's decided to come back and maybe stick it through to the end.

Name: Dr. Seito Akai
Age: 557 (approximate in standard Earth years) in his current incarnation. The current timeline that he occupies is nearly 450 years in the future.
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Species and origin: Anubian post-human, member of the Imaja Order. Currently resides on the planet Tarlec.
Personality: Analytical, curious, aloof, arrogant, orderly, perfectionist
Relationships (family, friends, lovers etc.): Generally his only family and friends are other members of his monastic Order; his closest relationships are to his mentor, Ierot, and his colleagues, Percy and Korbin. Over the years he has made various friends outside the Order during his travels. He has not had much in the way of romantic interests, though there are people within his Order with which he'll share intimacy at times. These days, he generally will not pursue relationships with humans or other short-lived species as he sees it as exploitational, though he has had his moments of decadence in the past. He did get married to a human once, very long ago, but he never talks about that time.
Hobbies and Occupation: Field scout, specializes in xenobiology. In his spare time he dabbles in mathematically-based art work and musique concrète. He's composed many volumes of music that no one has willingly listened to; some of those pieces measuring days in length.
Their usual/preferred style of clothing: Since he's already well-insulated and has a tough hide, he tends to dress minimally, favoring simple Egyptian-style shendyt kilts or loose robes. He generally avoids wearing shoes unless the social occasion demands them, since the skin on his palms and soles is especially thick and very well protected. For formal occasions he does like to dress up according to the local fashions, preferring mainly blacks and grays with careful splashes of color for excitement; for color he prefers reds and golds. He likes fine formal wear, and even his casual clothing tends to be more dressy and expensive.
In case of interactive rounds and fanart for this pageant (please choose the option that applies to you and your OC):

   YES, it is okay with me if someone else is drawing my character and makes them interact with other characters (granted that my OC is treated in a respectful manner)

Likes: Curry chicken, Cherry Coca-Cola, exploration, reading, researching, jazz, sunny and warm locales.
Dislikes: Willful ignorance, idle small-talk, stupid questions, "unclean" food (like pork, shellfish; any meat that is a bottom-feeder) or highly-processed foods.
Any other important details we all need to know about this OC (special abilities, strange obsessions etc.):

Seito is a member of an post-human, monastic order known as the Imaja Collective: an ancient, technologically advanced galactic civilization of self-made gods. As such, he has been bio-engineered in the likeness of Anubis in order to fit within his designated caste within the order and to embody the cosmic archetypes represented by that image in their grand pursuit to impose their idea of perfect order upon the universe.

As a bio-engineered being, he has a body that is physically very strong (around three times as strong as an athletically fit human), agile, and very durable.

His kind are effectively ageless and are very slow to reproduce, typically only bringing new individuals into being if there is a particular need for them.

He also possesses very sharp senses, his eyes, in particular, being capable of perceiving a broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum, from low-infrared to high ultraviolet. His ears are very keen and can pick up noises of very high and very low frequencies, as well as determining the direction and distance of the source of a sound. His nose is also very sensitive and, through his training, can make out distinct chemical compounds.

His leathery skin, while soft and flexible, functions as a natural armor and protection against contact poisons and extreme climates, including the vacuum of space.

His blood is a metallic gold ichor.

He possesses subtle psionic abilities that aid him in understanding and communicating in foreign languages as well as projecting an illusion to casual observers that makes him appear to be a non-descript local (so long as he concentrates on projecting said illusion; some people can still see around it in some circumstances). He also has a limited ability to telepathically communicate with members of his Order as well as other psychically-sensitive species.

He also possesses a small computer tablet called a "Versicomm" that is telepathically linked to him and can aid him in gathering and recording information, as well as interpreting alien languages.

He also usually carries an ornate sword hilt that lacks a blade. When activated, the smart-metal blade telescopes from the hilt into a full-sized khopesh. Not merely a terrifically sharp melee weapon, the sword can channel, store, and release kinetic energy to amplify the force of its wielder's blows. The stored kinetic energy can also be released in a devastating ranged attack.

He is inherently curious and has a neverending passion for discovery, even if his obsessiveness leads to a sort of tunnel vision, causing him to disregard the danger to himself or others that may result from his studies.

The Body Politic
Third of a series of drawings done for class. Background is a combination of ink wash and coffee. Details are charcoal and chalk pastels. Inspiration for the faces came from a collection of classical paintings.
Come check out this year's competition here at the :icontheoc-pageantofda:

It's a very friendly competition in which you submit original drawings of your original character, tailored to themes set by the hostess. There were a lot of participants last year and the challenges encouraged me to stretch my skills. I anticipate taking part again this time...but the deadline to submit your character(s) is February 8. Come check it out!


SeitoAkai's Profile Picture
Patrick Bright
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Portland, Oregon
Favourite genre of music: Progressive Rock, Electronica, Trance
Favourite style of art: Black and white, pen and ink.
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Anything space themed
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: Wherever you go, there you are.



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